Therapy Specialties

“It is not the meaning of life that we seek, but rather the experience of being fully alive!”
–Joseph Campbell

  • Abuse – Sexual, Physical, Emotional & Neglect - effects of child sexual abuse, neglect, physical and verbal abuse, domestic violence, and dissociative identity disorder (DID - formerly multiple personality disorder or MPD).
  • Addictive Behaviors – any substance or activity you turn to for emotional support and to alleviate your stress level.  Consequently your addictive behavior takes you out of contact with what you are feeling in the moment, out of relationship with yourself, and others.
  • Anger – How do you do anger? Is your anger out of control, repressed, sarcastic, passive-aggressive, or do you lash out at others? Learn to express anger and resentment directly and in a healthy, connected way. Learning to resolve conflict and stay in contact with anger deepens the level of trust and intimacy in relationships.
  • Athletic performance – for athletes of all levels who want to improve their athletic performance by resolving emotional barriers to performance, mental training, and learning performance enhancement techniques.
  • Couples & Families – When problems occur within a relationship or family, it is important to examine the problem as a symptom of a larger systemic issue. How one person behaves affects every other relationship in the family. Change cannot occur in isolation if the change is to endure over time. In couples and family therapy, dynamics are explored to create change, restore balance, harmonize relationships, set proper boundaries, develop skills and resources, and improve the overall level of communication, contact, and connection.
  • Eating & Body Image Issues – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fattest one of all? Thompson, 1996. Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Experience a holistic approach to resolving eating and body image concerns.
  • Grief & Loss – Heal yourself by allowing yourself to go through the grieving process; receiving the support you need, the help to make some sense out of what you may be feeling, and to prepare you for what to expect in your process.
  • Spiritual Questioning – How big is your “I don’t know?” Know healing, peace, and oneness by surrendering to the profound truth of who you are right now in this moment.
  • Trauma, PTSD, Panic Attacks – Unresolved trauma from a stressful event can cause anxiety, panic attacks, depression, nightmares, flashbacks, inability to concentrate, feeling of detachment, self-harm, substance abuse, or avoidance of anything that reminds you of the trauma.
  • Work Performance or Dissatisfaction – Explore the underlying issues of your work performance or job dissatisfaction. Experience more meaning and satisfaction in your daily life at work.
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