Horses & Healing              

The horse has an important message for humankind.- Monty Roberts, 2000

The goal of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is to enhance the overall well being of individuals through their involvement with horses. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy is an experiential way for people to learn about themselves and others by interacting and being in relationship with horses. As a result, people can experience emotional growth and healing.
Horses, like humans, are social animals that live together in herds with defined hierarchies, very similar to our family systems. Each horse has a specific role and responsibilities within the hierarchy. Horses’ nature is to always be in response to humans; therefore, people receive direct and immediate feedback on their intentions and behaviors. Clients will have the experience of the horse acting as a mirror to their own internal process.
Horses possess the skills to lead authentically, communicate clearly, trust their instincts, and are sensitive to and respond appropriately to moods and body language of other horses in the herd and people.    Horses’ survival depends on instinctively spotting any incongruity in their environment.   Working with horses helps identify dynamics and issues by mirroring back to clients how their actions are being received by the horse.   Horses quickly help people identify both their effective and ineffective ways of being in relationship with others.   It is then up to the clients to work with the issues or to remove the barriers identified, and cultivate trust and partnership within the relationship with the horse.

No previous horse experience necessary. Participants are taught through grooming, groundwork, bareback riding, herd dynamics, individual and group process

Benefits of working with horses in the therapeutic process:

Experience the relationship with the horse as a mirror to your inner process

  • Deepen your level of contact with yourself & others
  • Develop trust & intimacy
  • Improve your breath and body awareness
  • Create collaborative relationships with others
  • Identify family or group dynamics and issues, and remove
    barriers within the system
  • Improve communication and connection
  • Leadership & Confidence
  • Communicate in order to establish partnership
  • Understand natural patterns of behavior and learn to work
    with them to achieve results
  • Engage people to work with you versus against you
  • Receive immediate and direct feedback from the horse regarding your intentions and behavior

Who benefits from working with horses in the therapeutic process?  

Individuals with the following:
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships
  • Unable to trust or make contact with people
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sexual, Physical, or Emotional Abuse or Trauma
  • Boundary Issues
  • Attachment or Abandonment Issues
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Control Issues
  • Family Problems
  • Corporate Team Building



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