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“Feel all the love you can feel,
Express as much of yourself as you can,
Live as much by what you believe as is possible.”

People seek counseling for many reasons: to resolve conflict with loved ones, to grieve a great loss, to overcome depression, to heal past traumas, to understand the depth of one’s anger, to let go of addictive behaviors, for personal growth, or for support during major life transitions.

I offer support and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families who want to deepen their level of contact, trust, awareness, and connection with themselves and those they are in relationship with. Healing happens when people move from an intellectual understanding of issues or patterns to an emotional and body awareness; diving directly into and making contact with what’s real and true. It is through the experiencing that allows healing to occur and answers to be revealed.

I am also a certified Gestalt therapist and trained in EMDR.  Additionally, I offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Working with horses can help in deepening one's process of healing, self-awareness, and growth.

The goals of therapy are for individuals to experience more aliveness, a greater sense of well-being, to be present and fully embodied, greater intimacy with themselves and others, healthy boundaries, authentic self-expression, being in relationship without losing Self, deeper levels of trust and contact, reduce self-limiting behaviors, and to surrender and accept whatever is happening in the moment.

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